Email Marketing Automation: Enlease Your Best Marketing Strength

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is the most classical way of marketing. Defining the most potential buyer by Email and sending them the perfect commercial message at the right time is usually called email marketing.

Albeit, Email is the most classical e-communication media. 29% of marketers rate email marketing as the most effective marketing channel, and 93% of B2B marketers spread their content via Email. Therefore, when it comes to marketing, Email is the king of that field.

In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of email marketing and finally, there will be a brief description of what makes email marketing the best automation tool.

Basics of Email Marketing

Email marketing ROI is 4200%, making it the market leader in digital marketing. That is the primary form of marketing that lasts till the end.

In its basic form, an email marketing campaign needs three necessary elements:

  1. Email List
  2. Email Service Provider
  3. A Strategy

Email List

For a successful email campaign, you need an active email list. It is a database of email contacts who have expressed interest in your product by receiving your promotional messages. There are many ways to build an email list. It can beThe signup form of your brand website, By creating a social post, or by creating a social ad. 

There are many other ways too. But those are the best because the subscribers are the most potential buyers of your products. One of the easiest is to create a lead magnet. It’s an offer that reaches your target customer who is interested in it.

Email Service Provider

An Email Service Provider (ESP) is also known as an email-sending service. You must have an active email-sending service to start email marketing. And after that email automation, you will need an email automation tool for doing:

  • Email Campaign Management
  • User Profiling
  • Lead management
  • Email Sequence
  • Automation Setup
  • Report Analysis 

Using a marketing automation tool allows you to automate actions triggered by your target customers’ behaviors. That helps to manage the campaign. After the campaign, it defines the profiles and potentialities and follows their leads. Moreover, It sequences the email list and automates the messages to send to the customers at the right time. Besides, it analyzes the report for future sales.

A Strategy

Marketers can use email marketing to achieve many business goals. From the initial view, it is the most effective way to,

  • Increase sales
  • Making Brand Awareness
  • Newsletter content strategy
  • Follow the Customers and their leads
  • Keeping Customers Engaged with New Products
  • Building a Better Conversion Rate

For an effective email marketing campaign, an active email list, a marketing automation tool, and strategies must be in line. Then, get straight to work. 

The first task is to have an active email list and segment the contacts to their demographics or actions.

And then, design the message and make a series of them to be sent as a sequence.

Finally, use the marketing automation tool to send emails from time to time and monitor the actions of the buyers.

What Makes an Email The Best Marketing Automation Tool

For many reasons, email marketing is the king of the digital marketing field. The first should be this is an open market to promote—no worry about algorithm changes tanking reach.

Once a customer trusts you with the email address, it is like permitting you to access his notebook. Now you have a way of building engagement and conversion. 

  • 92% of online buyers open emails every hour
  • 21% of sent emails get opened in the first hour of delivery.

Therefore, You can communicate directly with subscribers on their schedules, and there would be a great chance to view that.

Email marketing gives more control over increasing the conversion rate and customizability of the message. It’s also measurable and scalable. 

After summing, Email is the most effective marketing tool. With the features of marketing automation tools, Email is the king of marketing channels. It automates marketing with campaigns, profiling, Scheduling, and analyzing. 

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